Who Offers Leak Repairs in Oakland, CA?

Marvin Plumbing. will take care of your leaky pipes

From dripping faucets to burst pipes, Marvin Plumbing. is prepared to handle all your leaking pipe repairs. A small leak can quickly turn into a big problem when it's not taken care of quickly. Our goal is to troubleshoot your issue to make sure the leak is gone for good. You also want to be sure to take care of any leaks happening outside of your home to prevent erosion or foundation damage.

Call 510-328-8368 today to schedule leak repairs in Oakland, CA.

5 signs you should call a professional

While some minor leaks can be solved by tightening a valve or replacing a washer, other leaks require professional attention. You should contact Marvin Plumbing. if you notice:

•Leaks around your tub or shower
•An increase in your water bill
•Damaged paint, wallpaper or walls
•Damaged flooring
•Signs of mold or mildew

It's always best to catch a leak as soon as possible. Contact Marvin Plumbing. to keep your pipes from leaking.